Episode 59 Topics

  1. Logan Hastings Comments:
    Every episode I listen, and every episode my will is once again tested. Temptation beckons my soul ever closer to the brink, always at the edge of my mind is the deep rabbit hole of this all consuming game. I’ve seen souls who have become lost to it, spending every waking moment playing it and every sleeping moment dreaming of it. I will be strong of will. I will not be drawn closer. Only at a far may I observe the enigma that is “Slaves to Armok: God of Blood Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress”, for I have too much to lose.
  2. szare writes in:
    i think i heard Roland mention trying to save military uniforms to use over multiple forts and I’d also like to add saving manager orders over multiple forts. I’ve had a browse through the files and reddit but couldn’t find anything, so if you lot ever find out how to do this, please mention it on the show. Preferably without dfhack, but that’s s big ask.
  1. Tony (not this Tony) (full email at the bottom*) comments on building multi level walls with ramps and 2 tile deep levels.
    He also discusses the exploit that (s)melting some metals will give you more metal than it took to build it.
  2. Dan Comments: Seems like it would be useful to use the guildhall trick to train children in moodable skills, as the highest of these decide which skill will be connected to a strange mood. I’ve noticed that many fortress-bred dwarves tend to become legendary bone-carvers or other craftsdwarf-skills as this will be the skill chosen for the mood otherwise.
  3. Justin Lothamer asks:
    I had a question that I thought might make a good podcast topic. What do you guys like to do when you embark for a new fort? I personally always use the DFVIDTUTS embark profile which was made by Captn Duck. I followed his video tutorials when I started playing DF so it’s the start I’m most used to. It also has chickens and ducks in the profile which I like as a quick and easy early food source when getting my forts up and running. I have never gone through the process of making my own embark profile, have any of you?

    Same subject: Akhier Dragonheart says that they:
    …like to empty the wagon out right away so I don’t end up with stuff laying around when inevitably something happens to the wagon. So after I dig out an entrance hall and a room or two I set up a stockpile that takes everything (maybe not rocks depending on if there are a lot of those from mining). Once everything is moved though I go and disable all things from being stored there. All the items will stay there but count as being in a stockpile so they don’t degrade. Then once you get a stockpile for any of the specific items in there the dwarves will automatically move stuff to the new stockpile.
  4. Eshep emails:
    I’ve yet to find something for which I “needed” Therapist.  For simple tasks of managing who does what jobs, or just a quick roles-at-a-glance, I prefer to use Dwarf Manipulator.  It’s quick, simple, and doesn’t distract me from the game.  Should be enabled by default with dfhack; if not, just ‘enable manipulator’ in your dfhack.init.  To find it in-game, simply press `l` for Labours from the Unit screen.
  5. Kieth Richardson writes in:
    Regarding clothing production: DF is amazing in it’s detail but this is often my kryptonite as well. Once I can produce enough cloth to actually make clothing, I’m immediately intimidated by the daunting task of clothing every dwarf. Left shoe/right shoe, gloves, socks, etc. Typically, I set my production using the Manager (i.e. “If you have materials, make until you have this many”). Setting this up for each clothing piece seems like an impossible task. What methods do you use to keep your dwarves clothed?

I was listening to the most recent podcasts and wanted to give some advice for building multi z level walls and a rather exploity way to generate extra metal from thin air.
For multi z level walls, I personally tend to build the wall at least 2 tiles deep. On the ground level,  my setup looks like:


The ramp lets me walk dwarfs on top of the walls, where they can then build the second level of walls left and right of where they step up. I tend to build the ramps up every ~11 or 21 tiles, depending on available builders. Once there are only the two tiles in front of the ramp, I place the wall furthest out, then the one just in front - that's why there's an extra wall in front of the ramp as ramps don't count as a surface dwarfs can build from.

For metal, I'm sure you guys will have seen elsewhere you can melt certain items for more metal than went into them. Specifically I use leggings and giant axe blades for weapons grade metal, if I'm remembering rightly they smelt for 130% and 150% of their inputs respectively. This lets me train new armourers and weaponsmiths while generating free metal. For RP purposes, I usually build the smelters and a stockpile that accepts only those items and of the right material set to automelt, not accepting masterpiece or artifact items ofc in a temple dedicated to a god of wealth, metal, etc. Also always start with just one smelter set to melt items as an individual work order as each smelter accrues fractions of a bar and don't share their increments.

For non weapons grade metals the best item is coins - actually, it's best for all metals. Coins smelt for 110%, unless you use a macro to split the coin stack in the trade menus. Each coin smelts for the same amount of metal as a full stack for a 5000% efficiency. I've never tried the macro route but it's definitely the 'best' option.

While this is a very exploity option it does have a drawback - smelted items do not detract from your created wealth. Steel armour and weapons are very expensive so you can quickly find yourself attracting sieges, megabeasts and adventurer thieves. Personally I started doing this after the fourth fort in a row I started where I ended up with only silver, gold, etc and no metals I could use for armour or most weapons and my quality of life went up significantly 😂