In Which Ross of DefyDanger Weaves a Tale of Avarice and Collapsing Towers of Jenga – IX

In which the tragic death of ten expatriates haunts our negligent hero. At least they died free. Also, War Corgis and Marketing Goblin Sweat -VIII

  • 0:33 Bravemule
  • 9:00 Reddit thread about complexity
  • 25:09 Tragedy strikes Tony’s game.
  • 29:18 Impending Retirement of SizzledWheels
  • 34:05 Madame JackalWoman for Mayor
  • 38:22 Dev Notes
  • 46:18 Wrap Up


In Which We Have Army Talk, Mole-man Soap, and Leaden Wine Barrels – For the Elves! VII

Note: It was raining hard at Tony’s place and it was a bit before we figured out what it was. At about 10:00 into the episode we correct it.

Show Notes:

  • 0:05 Intro
  • 1:00 Getting Value from Caravans
  • 5:10 Commentary on Training Your Military
  • 21:41 Making Pewter Products to Market to Elves
  • 24:45 Dealing With Werellamas
  • 30:51 Dwarf Fortress Productivity Management
  • 34:00 Dev Notes
  • 37:10 State of the Fortresses
  • 41:33 Tip of the day : Go To a Lever With <Ctrl><M>
  • 42:12 Wrap Up and Shout Out About Avarice RPG