Ep. 99: Quantum Snake Beast Cult

Today we have fun talk about Roland’s evil aquarium, Cage Stripping, the DF Hack Notification Panel, and lots more. So join us for a dwarfy good time!

Ep. 98: Cobra Men, Adventure Talk, and Autoslab

Sorry so long. But we’re finally back to discuss the Toady demo, Roland’s cool fortress, mitigating ghosts with DF Hack, and lots more.

Ep. 97: DF Hack Corner with Myk from the DF Hack Team

Hey everybody – Great show with one of the leaders of the DF Hack dev team. We discuss the newest release of DF Hack and lots of other things, including some silliness (as usual). Hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed making it!

Ep. 96: Death Pits, Finger of Lobsters, and Feedback

This episode, we respond to listener questions and feedback. We also talk about our current forts and look at Fastdwarf in the DFHack Corner.

Ep. 95: Cage Traps and Vigilante Justice

Back from winter break – We’re talking about our forts. Also, we begin a new segment we are maybe calling DF Hack Corner.


Ep. 94: Shooting the Breeze with BlindIRL

BlindIRL joins us to discuss a lot of random stuff.

This episode, we talk about lots of stuff with BlindIRL. Including blue vampires, procedural portraits, the DF Wiki, a good time is had by all.

Link to pix that Blind put in our Discord.

Download the Gernund creature, by Rurik:

Notes Edited 2023-12-04, revised the creature file – changed [SWIMS_LEARNED] to [SWIMS_INNATE] at Rurik’s request.

Ep. 93: RAW Pickles and Eggplant plant plant with Tekkud

Fun With Plants, and !FUN! with weremoose!

Tekkud joins us for a fairly deep dive into RAW editing. Plus, Jonathan loses ANOTHER fortress to werebeasts.

Here’s a link to download ZDaemon, and the name of my server (look for it on Doomseeker – installed with ZDaemon) is Johans Dwarfy Doom, and the password to enter is “urist”.

Note that they warn not to install to Program Files or Program Files (x86). Join the Discord Server if you’d like to play before December 10th – I intend to do some trial runs, and I’ll post my intended schedule on Discord in the landing-area as early as possible. But ping me and I’ll play anytime I’m available

Right now, the plan is to start playing on December 10th around 5PM Central Standard Time (US) and play until around 1AM CST, but I can look to start earlier than that if it’s better for other folks.

Ep. 92: More Dwarfy and Hacky Releases!

Hello everyone! This episode we talk about version 50.11 of Dwarf Fortress, and 50.11-r2 of DF Hack.

Hello everyone! This episode we talk about version 50.11 of Dwarf Fortress, and 50.11-r2 of DF Hack. Plus, the harrowing end of Newtower of Showing, Tony resurrects a civilization, and Roland plays Fallout 4.

Ep. 91: Spookyfort and Adventure with Delphonso

Delphonso joins us this episode, and we discuss Spookyfort IV: the Overlook and the announcement of the Adventure Mode roadmap.

Joining us this episode is Delphonso, administrator of Spookyfort on the Bay 12 Forums, and one of the organizers of the archive activity earlier this summer brought about by the Imagr fiasco.

Links to forts mentioned in the episode:

Also, the voxelizer website can be found here