Ep. 106: Quickfort With Myk – And We Talk About the Circus

Season 6 wraps up as DF Hack dev Myk returns to talk about Quickfort and upcoming DF Hack excitement. (World’s worst kept secret) Spoiler alert …. we talk about hidden stuff. Skip this one if you don’t already know.

The DF Hack YouTube page where you can find tutorials and other DF Hack stuff

Ep. 105: Three Players, Three Stories

Love grottos, undead apocalypse, and strutting as a cobra man. This episode has it all! Plus, a little about quickfort!

Ep. 104: Sex, Violence, and Minecart traps

Hi everybody! It’s time for another episode of DF Roundtable. Today we talk about cicadas, dealing with population problems, and mercilessly grinding up the undead.


Ep. 102: Corp Fortress

A little late to the game but we talk about the upcoming DF Beta release – and somehow we get hung up on making a DF mod about corporate structure. Enjoy!

Ep. 99: Quantum Snake Beast Cult

Today we have fun talk about Roland’s evil aquarium, Cage Stripping, the DF Hack Notification Panel, and lots more. So join us for a dwarfy good time!

Ep. 98: Cobra Men, Adventure Talk, and Autoslab

Sorry so long. But we’re finally back to discuss the Toady demo, Roland’s cool fortress, mitigating ghosts with DF Hack, and lots more.

Ep. 97: DF Hack Corner with Myk from the DF Hack Team

Hey everybody – Great show with one of the leaders of the DF Hack dev team. We discuss the newest release of DF Hack and lots of other things, including some silliness (as usual). Hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed making it!

Ep. 96: Death Pits, Finger of Lobsters, and Feedback

This episode, we respond to listener questions and feedback. We also talk about our current forts and look at Fastdwarf in the DFHack Corner.