Ingishvudthar: BodiceRansack

1st Opal, 7

This is the first entry into this journal. I’m Obok Oddomalmosh. I feel fine. I’m the expedition leader and I don’t mind being outside. I am also the broker and bookkeeper.

We recently unloaded our wagon here in this warm climate only a few clicks away from Umstizkol: SizzledWheels. They are also from our civilization. We unloaded on the 28th of Timber, but we have no detailed records because nobody thought to write it down. This could be my fault. My main focus was getting a chamber carved out for our people – just in case we meet up with a boogeyman topside. I don’t mind being outside – there could be ducks and orangutans there. But I don’t like wereducks.

We built a trade depot – it’s fine and it inerested me. I think we will have to wait until spring before we possibly get a visit from a caravan of any sort. We may need to try to grow some plump helmets until a food cart comes. Also, we don’t yet have anything of value to trade. We’d better have a craftsdwarf build a workshop. We need to buy an axe too, since we forgot to pack one for our trip.. and therefore can’t cut any trees. It’s possible that this oversight will hurt our outpost. This also may have been my fault.

2nd Opal, 7

We decided that all founders would be surnicked “BodiceRan”. Today the crafts workshop was completed and was asked to start churning out stone trinkets to provide some trade value. Stoney BodiceRan claimed the task. It is not yet clear how he feels about it. He is a novice stonecrafter.

3rd Opal, 7

I feel fond after talking to a friend, and am satisfied after having an argument. I am annoyed though that I am drinking without mug or goblet. Hopefully Stoney will get some nice goblets crafted soon.

We discovered rough carnelians on the 3rd level. This is the same level we placed the craft shop. We need to put a jewler shop there as well. then we can make pretty things to pawn off on traders for food and drink.

We’ve also ordered the 3rd level to be opened up more as it looks like we may have riches of stone and jewels there.

BodiceRansack 3rd level on 3rd Opal, 7.

Since Ottem saw it fit to have our fortress named BodiceRansack, we have decided to specialize in dresses.

7th Opal, 7

Iden claimed the job of gem cutting, so his name shall now be Gemmy BodiceRan. Also, we need chairs. I guess they’ll be stone since we gotta save our wagon wood for beds — since someone forgot to pack the wood cutting axe. I don’t really believe it was my fault.

8th Obsidian, 7

Shroom BodiceRan is now our plump helmet farmer. And the excavation project on level 3 is complete.

Neater eh?

6th Granite, 8

Hooray! It’s a new year and spring has arrived. We broke down the wagon and were able to make 3 beds out of the wood. It annoyed me that I had to sleep in the grass before they were built. But we put them in three small dormitory rooms on the 2nd level. I think elves are supposed to come in the spring. We really need an axe – but an elf won’t have an axe. Maybe they can sell us some wood. Do they sell wood? If they do, I’m sure it was blessed by the tree goddess or sneezed on by some elven priest or something.

Also, we made some corpse and refuse stockpiles outside.

This is what outside looks like — that workshop is a carpentry workshop to build beds.

28th Granite, 8

I walked by the fine trade depot again. It is interesting.

We set the horses in a pasture so they would not starve. Also we put Terri the mason in charge of making some doors. We moved our finished goods stockpile closer to the trade depot.

We’ve finally gotten around to planning my office. It’s to be on the 2nd level for now.

9th Felsite, 8

I really expected the elven caravan to have shown up by now. It may have been a mistake to depend on the pointy eared savages. Maybe they haven’t heard of our earth striking feat. Oh well. We may have to make do with what we have for another season.

We’re running out of booze though. Maybe I should have considered a backup plan more carefully. Meanwhile, I okayed a small stretch of the stream to get water (yechh) from if we need it. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

4th Hematite, 8

Well, we’re out of alcohol. We’ve built a still and will soon have homebrew, but people aren’t happy.

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  1. Fellas! Love the podcast, have been a subscriber for a few months. I’ve got a podcast of my own and have been preparing an episode about DF and wanted to know if I could ask for a couple minutes of your time — have already enlisted the help of some other DF celebrities and would love to add you guys to the mix. For lack of finding any other contact info here I’ve resorted to leaving this comment, so if you could message me at the email address I’ve included I can explain more.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

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