Dwarf Fortress Roundtable – Create New World! – I

This is the first episode of Dwarf Fortress Roundtable with Gernund and JohanTux, in which the hosts are introduced, and general discussion of Dwarf Fortress takes place.

Show Notes:

2 thoughts on “Dwarf Fortress Roundtable – Create New World! – I”

  1. You mentioned in this episode that you wanted people to have a df podcast for people to listen to on their commute.

    I listened to your latest two episodes on my commute, and then decided that I needed to listen to them all. Thanks to you, my commute is more than just dreaming about my next df session!

    1. Thanks Jody – I’ve not gone back and listened to the first episodes again — I’m a bit afraid to!

      I’m glad you’re enjoying it – Even at this point (I just edited episode 11) we’re still finding our way. But we’re having a lot of fun with it.

      Tell your friends — though it’s a bit of a running joke that nobody knows anyone personally who plays DF 🙂


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