Dwarf Fortress Roundtable – Create New World! – I

This is the first episode of Dwarf Fortress Roundtable with Gernund and JohanTux, in which the hosts are introduced, and general discussion of Dwarf Fortress takes place.

Show Notes:

4 thoughts on “Dwarf Fortress Roundtable – Create New World! – I”

  1. You mentioned in this episode that you wanted people to have a df podcast for people to listen to on their commute.

    I listened to your latest two episodes on my commute, and then decided that I needed to listen to them all. Thanks to you, my commute is more than just dreaming about my next df session!

    1. Thanks Jody – I’ve not gone back and listened to the first episodes again — I’m a bit afraid to!

      I’m glad you’re enjoying it – Even at this point (I just edited episode 11) we’re still finding our way. But we’re having a lot of fun with it.

      Tell your friends — though it’s a bit of a running joke that nobody knows anyone personally who plays DF 🙂


  2. Just now started listening to you guys. I saw, that you didn’t have captn duck as a guest yet. He made successfull tutorial videos around 2013 or ao and his videos initiall got me into df. maybe he wanta to come on.
    I’m liking your podcast so far. Eager to hear more.

    1. Hi Bastian — thanks so much for listening in. I’ve put Capn Duck on our list of people to contact. Thanks for the suggestion!

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