Ep. 24: 0.47.xx

This episode is the regular gang of Roland, Tony, and Jonathan discussing their experiences with the new version of Dwarf Fortress

3 thoughts on “Ep. 24: 0.47.xx”

  1. I know only one online-community similar supporting to new players and with a good contact do the devs – Command: Modern Operations (CMO, CMANO).

    It´s very niche, quite complicated and doesn´t have fancy graphics to offer.
    So baybe this are criteria for a nice community – hard and ugly.

    1. That’d be a shame if the requirement for a nice community is a difficult game. But it does make some sense – most players active in the community became active by asking for help from the community — The rare positive social feedback mechanism.

      1. I love how friendly the Dwarf Fortress community is! Dwarf Fortress probably has the best community of any of the games I play. 🙂

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