Ep. 55: Let’s Play Some Dwarf Fortress

Hey folks – Summer hiatus starts today – hope you enjoy listening to Jonathan and Tony playing some DF 😀

Image Attribution – This episode’s featured photo is a mashup of two Creative Commons Attribution License images from Wikimedia.org. And the Dwarf Fortress Urist Head, modified with DFRoundtable headphones. Feel free to download any of the pictures to decorate your computer desktop.

File:Glasnost & Goodwill – 1990 Soviet track suit 01.jpg – Wikimedia Commons from Joe Mabel

File:Beach of Dahme (Holstein), Baltic Sea, Germany 05.jpg – Wikimedia Commons from Nemracc

4 thoughts on “Ep. 55: Let’s Play Some Dwarf Fortress”

  1. This Let’s Play audio only isn’t very entertaining for me mainly because I can’t see what you’re doing. For example, I don’t know how to make a well, but you’re making a well and I can’t see what you’re doing and how it works. You’re digging down to magma, but I don’t get to be part of that process.
    “Look at those amphibian men!”
    “Yeah, they’re pretty awesome.”
    Me: “I wish I could…”

    Been enjoying the podcast otherwise. Bummed that you’re taking a summer break so hurry back!

    1. Thanks Joe – yeah, I think I agree — it was not the most successful experiment for a variety of reasons. Probably won’t do that again… This time it kinda came down to either we do the Let’s Play at the last minute or skip the episode. I’m not sure we made the right choice, but live and learn! When we come back it’ll return to a more familiar format.

  2. Hello!

    I am a new Dwarf Fortress player & got my 9 year old son into the game and we were able to collectively pick up the *essential* game mechanics within about an hour. After wanting to learn more about the massive depth of the game, I decided to look for a podcast to listen to while I work & came across DFRoundtable.

    Over the past week, I’ve been binging the podcast and got really motivated to learn more about DF (with my lack of free time in front of the computer) and believe I’ve become a lifelong fan of the game – time will tell!

    My son and I are willing to appear as guests at some point to provide perspective from an adult and child who are trying to learn for the first time and some ideas on how to promote to game to the masses as Steam will eventually go live.

    We can also use it as a segment for newbie Q&A for a couple topics.

    Let me know what you think!
    Dave, AKA. MetalwingDragon

    1. Hi Dave – awesome about getting your son involved – Great idea to bring him on for an episode. Send an email to Urist@dfroundtable.com and we’ll work out the details. At this point it’ll probably be an October episode if that’s okay.

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