Ep. 56: In Which Whiprule Is Honored

We are finally back from summer hiatus. In this episode, we catch up with each other’s dwarfy gaming.

2 thoughts on “Ep. 56: In Which Whiprule Is Honored”

  1. Thanks for a great episode!
    Seems like it would be useful to use the guildhall trick to train children in moodable skills, as the highest of these decide which skill will be connected to a strange mood. I’ve noticed that many fortress-bred dwarves tend to become legendary bone-carvers or other craftsdwarf-skills as this will be the skill chosen for the mood otherwise.

  2. Hey guys! I am a huge fan, and Im working through your backlog. I wanted to reach out and see if y’all maybe would have me on the show. On top of being a huge fan, and long time player of DF, I understand how to make crossbow dwarfs work nearly flawlessly and would love to share. Thank you for your time 🙂

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