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  1. Hey guys!
    Huge fan! Love the show, I’m a long time listener first time caller.
    My question is, I have thousands of food items in my stockpiles, I only have like 40 dwarfs, so I’m concerned about food overproduction. What ways do you guys suggest to use up excess food, I also have no idea how long things keep fresh if they are in a stockpile so if you guys have any advice I’d appreciate it a lot!


    1. Hey there, thanks for leaving the message. I think the consensus is that you can make meals out of the food (with a kitchen) and then trade the meals to a caravan. When stored in a stockpile, I believe the foods are effectively preserved indefinitely.

      I’ll bring this up on our next recording session though.

      1. Thanks Jonathan, for getting back to me on that, I tried what you suggested, trading the prepared foods with the caravans, I’ve never really dug into trading before and that was pretty cool to figure out and I think you’re right about food stockpiles being preserved indefinitely, though I believe they may still become spoiled due to vermin. I’ve never had food spoil so far but it’s only been about two years, and I have lots of cats. Thanks again!

    1. Typically I turn the excess food into prepared meals and sell them for a handy profit. Other than that…. dwarven atom smasher? Turn off hunting, fishing, and let your fields lie fallow for a while is another thing you can do.

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