Ep. 62: In Which A Wren Woman Betrays Singemetal

And we’re back! Season 4 kicks off with the gang catching up and discussing their various over-the-break activity.

2 thoughts on “Ep. 62: In Which A Wren Woman Betrays Singemetal”

    1. Yeah, I messed the link up when initially uploading it… sorry ’bout that! I fixed it a few hours later and hitting play on podcasts.google.com seems to be working now (4:30 CST on 1/31).

      If you’re still having an issue and your podcast catcher shows that it downloaded the episode, try deleting the episode from your catcher and pulling it again. the actual filename should be DFRoundtableE62r1.mp3. The original link was to a non-existent file without the “r1” at the end.

      Send an email to urist@dfroundtable.com if you’re still having issues, and thanks for reporting it!

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