Ep. 66: In Which The Gang Asks, “What IS Dwarf Fortress, Anyway?”

Mayor Max, a golden retriever, looks at Dwarf Fortress

This episode, we take a step back and consider how we’d describe Dwarf Fortress to someone who hasn’t played before. We also get off track and talk about dogs as mayors.

Mayor Max

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3 thoughts on “Ep. 66: In Which The Gang Asks, “What IS Dwarf Fortress, Anyway?””

  1. I just got done binging a little more than the last year’s episodes. Happy to be caught up again. It’s been cool to see the show evolve and improve over time. Well done!

    You’d mentioned clinodev’s embark profile in a previous episode. I’ve just started a new fort with it. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. I plan to binge some DF round table even though I don’t actively play the game right now as I’m on a hiatus. But I love listening while working on DND stuff.

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