Ep. 82: Product Placement in Dwarf Fortress

Well, it’s just the three of us today. Sorry it’s so late. Our conversation this episode covers fast growing trees, scholar forts, and other fortress concerns.

4 thoughts on “Ep. 82: Product Placement in Dwarf Fortress”

  1. From time to time streams and channels will be mentioned but you guys don’t link in the notes.

    I’d like to watch some of Roland’s content can you please add details of where you guys have your other accounts

  2. Catching up on episodes. Hopefully this comment is relevant to this episode and GUI was discussed!

    The problem is the efficacy of shortcuts and graphical interface change depending on the user’s preferred method which I think can be split into three main types.

    Keyboard only Linux hacker that wants to be able to navigate and and carry out tasks entirely by keyboard.

    Average keyboard + mouse user. In this instance the shortcuts need to be around the WASD keys so you can keep your mouse hand on the mouse as much as possible, which is why I like the new up/down level keys. As much I would like to be a Linux hacker I just cannot ever remember all the shortcuts and inevitably have to look stuff up so I kind of like the new setup over old. The keys for traversing z levels work well when keyboard only but are bad when combined with a mouse in my opinion.

    Mouse only noob. I have no idea how to build good GUIs but I imagine they change depending on whether the focus is on the screen rather than keyboard clicks.

    In an ideal world you would be able to swap out between the above three and it would drastically change every aspect of the interface to fit that setup type. But we don’t live in ideal world. Given the game is now going out of it’s way to broaden it’s audience the middle way is probably the best bet and the first way is inevitably going to suffer a bit as a result. Although I think the mouse brings benefits even for that first group when it comes to task like marking out designations or anything that requires drawing on the screen.

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