In Which Turkeygeddon Confronts A Lone Bard While Vomit and Filth Engage In Mortal Combat – IV

Thanks again to Kruggsmash for stopping by to visit!

  • 0:38 Forgotten Beasts
  • 4:45 Roland Tells the Tale of Turkeygeddon!
  • 8:15 Reflections on Monsterkiller
  • 15:45 Dev Notes: Steam and Itch
  • 26:45 State of the Fortresses
  • 30:45 Jonathan Introduces Umstizkol: Sizzledwheels
  • 32:12 Wrap up

In Which Kruggsmash Reveals Ancient Secrets of the Eternal Realms – III

  • 0:30 Introducing Adam, aka Kruggsmash
  • 1:27 Adam’s DF Origin Story
  • 3:35 Talk about Tilesets
  • 6:24 Kruggsmash Art and Producing a Video Series
  • 10:30 YouTube Success
  • 16:00 Beekeeping
  • 24:00 Emergent Gameplay in Dwarf Fortress
  • 29:45 Outro

In Which Roland throws Children at Trolls – II

Dwarf Fortress Roundtable – Create New World! – I

This is the first episode of Dwarf Fortress Roundtable with Gernund and JohanTux, in which the hosts are introduced, and general discussion of Dwarf Fortress takes place.

Show Notes:

Coming Real Soon!

Gernund and JohanTux will be talking about Dwarf Fortress on the Internet!

This is just a quick post to tell people that we’re here and we’ll have content up soon. I’ve got to finish editing the podcast and get signed up with someone to store the episodes online. More info and a more polished site will be here in the next couple days!

—-update —- >>> 3/4/19 I’d hoped to be finished with the first episode tonight, but Milo & Jack’s – a most excellent corner pub in Willow Springs, MO decided to be closed on Mondays – so I’m in Pizza Americana instead and won’t be able to listen to the podcast while my daughter rehearses for Cinderella. Oh well.