Ep.12: In Which Gentle Rolling Evil Leads To Casino Fortresses and Chickens Fighting Bobcats

A Menacing Looking Chicken Threatens A Bobcat Kitten

6 thoughts on “Ep.12: In Which Gentle Rolling Evil Leads To Casino Fortresses and Chickens Fighting Bobcats”

  1. Hello you bearded bastards! I recommend looking up and commenting on Solitarian’s codification of the Dwarven Language. It’s an epic project that I like a lot (I am helping him make the dictionary and am writing up a document in Dwarven just to test it, called the Annals of Ultèrzefon, the Mountainhome of my current fortress). Hope you find it all interesting. The link is here:


    1. Yep – it’s pretty great to listen to. I still hope that they’ll come back with another episode at some time.

  2. Hey guys! I am a very active dwarf fortress wiki editor and have been playing for about 9 years. Love the podcast but i feel the need to clear something up. When toady was talking about moving pieces he was talking about the people who work for villains. The world is alive as you play since version 44 ( https://dwarffortresswiki.org/index.php/DF2014:World_activities ) so this is not only an adventure mode thing, this stuff happens as you play in fort mode aswell and so will happen as you play fort mode., Even when in fort mode the NPC adventurers are running around on the world map and actually doing things like retrieving artifacts. These new moving piece swill work similarly, stealing artifacts assassinating people etc as you play fort mode and as you play adventure mode.

    1. Cool – thanks for clearing it up. And cool beanz on the DFWiki thing – I’m constantly in there… every time I run across something I don’t know: which is every time I play 😮

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