Ep.13: In Which Alexei Convinces Jonathan That Dwarf Fortress Is A Roguelike

Goat staring at you.

4 thoughts on “Ep.13: In Which Alexei Convinces Jonathan That Dwarf Fortress Is A Roguelike”

  1. This is a lead podcast. All craftsdwarfship is of the highest quality. It menaces with spikes of goat cheese.

  2. Hi guys, I love your podcast and I’m so happy you stepped up to create something dwarfy to listen to! Found you recently and took the last few weeks to catch up, but I think there’s a lot more to talk about. I’ve been playing long enough that I don’t remember when I started… I spent an hour trying to figure that out, but it must have been around v0.27 in late 2007.

    I feel there is a wealth of dwarf fortress stories that haven’t been talked about on the show, and I’d love to come on and chat about them. There’s been some casual mention of Boatmurdered, but most of the other big names like Roomcarnage, Archcrystal, or Oilfurnace haven’t been brought up. Not to mention all the classic dwarven !!science!! like draining the ocean for mermaid bones or the dwarven supersoldier project. I love digging deep into the interconnections and history of the world and the people in it as Alexei mentions.I also love megaprojects involving water or magma, and have a lot of tips on creating functional marksdwarves! I’m happy to hear Jonathan is going to try an embark the old fashioned way – I’m a firm believer in ASCII, probably for the same stubborn reasons as Alexei! Let me know how to contact you, Thanks again.

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