Ep.19: In Which Alexei Returns to Talk Dog Biscuits, Soap Slides, and !FUN! Much Nonsense and Mirth

Note: Alexei later found that dwarven babies are born with a preferred god.

15 thoughts on “Ep.19: In Which Alexei Returns to Talk Dog Biscuits, Soap Slides, and !FUN! Much Nonsense and Mirth”

  1. Hi there! I’m absolutely loving your podcast. I found out about this last month and I’ve been hooked. One question, and sorry if you mentioned this already, do you plan to publish an episode every 15 days?

    And to Roland, I LOVED your writing and narrating of your story in the Halloween episode. And I really really would like to HEAR some more. You narrated it in an awesome way.

    Also one idea. You can check out like the very very early version of dwarf fortress. I mean play it for a bit. And see how much it has changed. That would be interesting.

    And do you guys know about Slave to Armok Chapter 1? Dwarf fortress is chapter 2 of course.

    Maybe I’m asking too much. You guys mean a lot to me. I’d love it if you could regularly publish more episodes. I’m really eager to listen to your podcast.

    This is a tl;dr comment. All craftdwarfship is of the lowest quality.

    1. Hey there Nuayman – your words are too kind! We have published every other Sunday with only a few exceptions: and the last two episodes were two of the exceptions. If you haven’t heard the end of the podcast released this morning yet, we’re taking a holiday break and will pick back up in January. It’s possible that an outakes episode or clip-show may drop in December, but I can’t say for sure yet.

      I wish we could do a weekly podcast, but we just don’t have enough time at this point. That may change in the future but we’ve all got our “real” lives going on in addition to our 2D + Z world. If you’ve not done so already, check out the link to Dwarf Fortress Talk in this episode’s show notes– those are more “meaty” than our episodes (in addition to being 2 to 3 times longer per episode). I really enjoy listening to Toady talk about the dev and design processes, and it’s good for multiple listens.

      Thanks again for tuning in and tell your friends! However – if our experience is any indicator – your friends probably don’t play DF :).

  2. Hi! I really can’t believe you replied! Like I literally listen to you. It’s like a dream come true.

    I’ll check out DF Talk after my entrance exams (which are on February). I still haven’t started playing Dwarf Fortress seriously. I still need to learn beginner stuff.

    As far as my friends with dwarf fortress goes, one of my friends have become really interested in playing it. So we’re probably gonna get together and play it after my exams. I will show him Kruggsmash ofcourse as he really shows the potential of Dwarf Fortress.

    Gonna hear you guys in February then.

  3. Hello again, just a note, you can also spread your books by grabbing it from your fort as an adventurer and dropping it in a site. That would spread it.

    Even if abandoned you can still track it down in the fort with enough searching.

    They will even copy it and such.

    1. I heard someone say in a YouTube video that he went in adventure mode and got a necronomicon. He then he put it in his fortress’ library. Then there were zombies! You mean they actually read books and apply the knowledge? That’s awesome if that’s true.

      Also, in object testing arena can you make characters team up? If so, it would be awesome if we could have a Team Deathmatch. Jonathan, Roland and Tony would make their own characters and make a team. Then they would fight a team consisting of characters submitted by listeners. How awesome would that be? Maybe Jonathan, Roland and Tony can have a Deathmatch between themselves as well (I mean in dwarf fortress, not in…… nevermind).

      1. Yeah when you spawn in creatures you can choose their team number i think it goes up to 99?, default is a free for all though. Though its pretty easy to figure out how to switch that ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Hey thanks for looking that up!
          Don’t you think it would be fun if Jonathan, Tony and Roland did a competition of that sort? Between themselves and with the listeners?

          I still have to wait about 3 months till I can properly play DF because of my exams ๐Ÿ™ . Kruggsmash would have to do for now.

          How long have you played? Definitely want to hear some of your experiences.

      2. That does sound like fun – I’ll bring that up with the team after the hiatus. I’ve not done much in the testing arena.

        1. I don’t think it’s that hard. I’ve messed around with it a little. Wiki is always there. Thanks for considering my request ๐Ÿ™‚

        2. I should be more appreciative of how you’re replying to me. It’s awesome to see your favorite podcaster or YouTuber actually see what you’ve written and then reply. So, yeah, thanks for all the replies ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. No Problem and thanks! – we really enjoy doing the podcast, even though our “real world” lives don’t let us play as much as we’d like.

  4. Another fun fact. If you mod a creature to have adamantine teeth, it will in fact actually bite way better. And even like cleanly sever things off of people with one bite and pierce more.

  5. not sure if you’ve talked about this on the show before, I was wondering if you’ve ever been in a bloodline fort or if you would want to organize one. I’ve been in love with the idea since BoatMurdered and have hosted my own with varying degrees of success, usually ending in a bit of fun or just plain ending from lack of engagement.

    1. We’ve actually got one that we’re passing among the Roland, Tony, and myself. It’s called Luridwhips and I just received the region1 folder from Tony after he completed year 5. You’re welcome to download it and take a look if you wish, but be aware that it’s using Meph Launcher version 5.1, and *does* use some of the Meph mods. The idea is that we’d use it for conversation on the podcast, which I think we’ve done on three episodes. Once we get back from hiatus, we’ll probably be dedicating a full episode to Luridwhips since so much has occurred therein since we last discussed it.


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