Ep. 21: In which Toady One and ThreeToe talk about the upcoming release.

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2 thoughts on “Ep. 21: In which Toady One and ThreeToe talk about the upcoming release.”

  1. Hey, it’s me again…… (Yeah……..). I just wanted to again just appreciate the podcast and say to the Adam brothers that they have made an awesome gamem Dwarf fortress is really something else, one of a kind (we’re not counting the clones or inspired games). As for the podcast. Ahhh……. That music! That takes to a wonderful land where three bards (yeah that’s you guys) sit to tell epic tales of an amazing universe (since you know, there are tons of worlds of course). The music choice was perfect. And honestly, no offence to all the guests who made it to the podcast, I personally enjoy just you three guys talking than having a guest. The informal retelling of fallen forts and stuff truly makes this podcast shine for me.

    Also, Roland, I absolutely loved the Halloween story you wrote. I really want to hear more of your writings. The stuff is awesome!

    (Just one thing. Could you mention my name? Maybe it’s a bit impolite to ask for this. It’s my real name actually. And it’s COMPLETELY fine if you decide not to. All fans are equal. But still. I’d love to hear my name from all of you guys 🙂 . I feel impolite………)

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