Ep. 21: In which Toady One and ThreeToe talk about the upcoming release.

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8 thoughts on “Ep. 21: In which Toady One and ThreeToe talk about the upcoming release.”

  1. Hey, it’s me again…… (Yeah……..). I just wanted to again just appreciate the podcast and say to the Adam brothers that they have made an awesome gamem Dwarf fortress is really something else, one of a kind (we’re not counting the clones or inspired games). As for the podcast. Ahhh……. That music! That takes to a wonderful land where three bards (yeah that’s you guys) sit to tell epic tales of an amazing universe (since you know, there are tons of worlds of course). The music choice was perfect. And honestly, no offence to all the guests who made it to the podcast, I personally enjoy just you three guys talking than having a guest. The informal retelling of fallen forts and stuff truly makes this podcast shine for me.

    Also, Roland, I absolutely loved the Halloween story you wrote. I really want to hear more of your writings. The stuff is awesome!

    (Just one thing. Could you mention my name? Maybe it’s a bit impolite to ask for this. It’s my real name actually. And it’s COMPLETELY fine if you decide not to. All fans are equal. But still. I’d love to hear my name from all of you guys 🙂 . I feel impolite………)

        1. It’s funny actually. How I asked for it. If you guys want to, you can do it, I’d love it. I’m not asking for it. It will lose its value if I ask for it.

          Thanks for all the nice replies. I was a bit worried how you guys would think of me after I asked for a shout out. I’ve never in my life ever seen anyone ask for a shout out. Yeah that felt weird.

    1. Thanks for the kind words — different people like different things. Either kind of episode seems to have its own charm, and we’ll continue to have both – but I suspect the banter among the hosts will always be the heart of the podcast. Then again, Tarn and Zach have an open invitation and I’ll always be happy to ask a question and turn the floor over to them :)>

      1. Hi! Maybe you could have nookrium someday? That’d be cool. I learned dwarf fortress from his videos (maybe many of us have).

        Yeah, the hosts are really funny at times. Maybe you could have your Reddit users or listeners as your guests sometimes (*wink wink*).
        If you ever think it’d cool to call me then I’d be more than happy. But I still haven’t properly played the game yet and I don’t speak English (like at all). I need to practice and stuff. That’ll take some months at least.

        I think many of us (listeners) would love to get on the podcast. Many people have so many stories to tell. It’s not like I see many of those around elsewhere.

        To the listeners, if you’re reading this and if Jonathan and the other guys agree to have listeners as guests, then I encourage you to write your dwarf fortress stories down. I say this for myself. So many wonderful things happen in this game.

  2. I’m so happy that you guys are getting a larger spotlight! You guys are great and I have been trying to keep up with the podcast whenever I can. I feel kinda good to see this thing I’ve been accompanying since it started start to get the recognition it deserves. Cheers, mates!

    1. Thanks so much! The response has indeed been incredible. A bit overwhelming:)

      We’re actually looking at changing the comments to a forum style quite soon — this format doesn’t serve our listeners particularly well IMO.

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