Ep. 22: In Which the Gang Talks About Vanilla DF, DFHack Detox, and Release Anticipation

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6 thoughts on “Ep. 22: In Which the Gang Talks About Vanilla DF, DFHack Detox, and Release Anticipation”

  1. In one of the init files for the game you can turn off the engravings having different icons. Which can look pretty ugly.

  2. The only things I can think of that I would miss by playing raw vanilla are manipulator and twbt. Those two are the only reason I install dfhack. I could be mistaken but I believe those are the only flavorings I use.

    While I do appreciate the level of detail achievable using tilesets, I prefer to play without them and simply being able to differentiate between actual text and iconography is a huge deal for me. The multilevel view is a nice bonus though.

    Manipulator in my opinion is far superior to Therapist, not for what it’s capable of but in what it does for me. It keeps me immersed in the game instead of jumping to a program with a completely different UI. I get all the “at-a-glance” features I’m looking for crammed right into the game where they belong.

  3. Why would anyone miss DFHack Workflow plugin when there are “work orders” in vanilla DF since 0.43? AFAIK it is at least as good.

  4. I first heard about this podcast from the Bay12Games site when Tarn linked to it in one of the recent dev notes. I just got caught up listening to all the previous episodes. Thank you so much for doing this – it’s entertaining, inspiring, and I’ve learned more about the game too!

    To the question of sending a diplomatic mission of sorts, I found an alternative that works. In one of my forts, there are elves in the world, but being very far away, they are not listed among known civilizations, and thus send no caravans. So I sent a lone dwarf to demand tribute (secretly hoping they would kill/capture him), but all they did was politely decline. The next year however, they sent a caravan.

    I did the same with another elven civ, and now get 2 elven caravans every year. I can select which one to trade with from the depot ‘q’ menu.

    I did it a third time, but with dwarves, and got 2 Dwarven caravans. The issue there however is while elves can share a depot, the Dwarven wagons cannot, so the 2nd one eventually stopped coming having never successfully traded.

    Maybe multiple depots and creative drawbridge lever pulling could make that work?

    Anyways, keep up the good work guys! I’ll be watching for future episodes.

  5. Elvish caravans are in vanilla I don’t use DF hack or anything like that myself. Probably the elves either died or are inaccessible in your world.vdue to not being nearby. Embark next to the elves and they will trade just fine.

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