Ep. 68: Elves, Wine, and To What They Lead

3 thoughts on “Ep. 68: Elves, Wine, and To What They Lead”

  1. Two things to bear in mind about Lord of the Rings elves…

    1) Tolkien’s elves come from his catholicism; they’re basically Man, but before the Fall, they were never kicked out of Eden. So they really ARE just better than everyone, without sin or fear of mortality.

    2) Everything you read by Tolkien has the conceit that he ‘translated’ it from the original ancient books of Middle-Earth, and all of them were either written by Elves, or by Hobbits who were buddies with the Elves. So Lord of the Rings is basically Elven propaganda. They probably were huge assholes, but they’re not going to tell you that 😉

  2. Maybe you could discuss advanced world generation in a future episode. One fairly minor thing I usually do is changing the cavern openness value to 70-100 and the cavern density to 0-50(or something like that). These values give you caverns that have more flat, open areas and not densely packed webs of passageways. Caverns like this are much easier to visually parse and it makes the concept of building organically into the caverns more viable.

    Another topic you could cover is modding, especially some of the fairly simple RAWS edits. Here are some I like to use:

    [in Creature_standard]

    [MAXAGE:400:500] added, they live a very long time, but not forever. Normally, they are immortal. If I made, for example, a 500 year old world, I might lower this more.



    [CHILD:12] TO







    These are big changes for goblins. Instead of being immortal, they have relatively short lifespans, but they are quick to mature to adults and produce multiples in their litters. I tried removing the [NO_DRINK] [NO_EAT] tags and found out that goblins don’t make it past worldgen without those brewing and farming jobs permitted.

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