Ep. 69: The Life and Times of Tira Equaataria

Tekkud's depiction of DFRoundtable hosts in pixel art

Welcome to our experimental podcast of us recording a gaming session of Adventurer Mode. Let us know if it translates at all to audio!

Thanks so much to Tekkud for depicting your humble podcast hosts… it’s up to you to decide which of us is the one with red eyes :).

2 thoughts on “Ep. 69: The Life and Times of Tira Equaataria”

  1. Not gonna lie, I was iffy on the concept of the episode… but I really truly loved this. Also, I kind of enjoyed hearing the character setup process. I had no idea you could play as a demigod or what that meant in the context of adventure mode. This episode made me want to play adventure mode, and I’d definitely enjoy another one like it.

    1. Yeah – It did turn out better than I expected. We probably will do another before long – unless the Steam/Itch.io release comes out 🙂

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