Ep. 76: Tarn and Zach Adams Discuss Upcoming Release

The Adams Brothers join us to discuss the upcoming release.

Episode 76: With the Adams Brothers

We had a wonderful visit with the team behind Dwarf Fortress, including some details of gameplay, the future of the game, and other interesting stuff. Zach and Tarn are wonderful people and it’s always great to hear them delve into the details behind the mechanics of the game. We really appreciate them taking time from the flurry of activity leading to the release to talk with us. Enjoy! We certainly enjoyed speaking with them.

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episode art by DALL-E

2 thoughts on “Ep. 76: Tarn and Zach Adams Discuss Upcoming Release”

  1. Always great to hear from the Adams; and a great episode as usual.

    I see the art was made by DALL-E 2! You should try out stable diffusion if you’ve got an Nvidia graphics card (or are willing to go through the steps to get it working on AMD). It takes a lot more fiddling that DALL-E but being able to do unlimited gens for free is fantastic.

    1. Alas, I get by with Intel UHD integrated graphics. Tony raved about the Stable Diffusion results a few episodes ago, but my rig is a humble 8th gen core i3 with no fancy graphics card.

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