Ep. 77: Version 0.50.02

Version 0.50.0x is out to great fanfare and excitement – Two days after its release, the gang discusses their experiences with the premium edition.

An Armored Dwarf Overlooking a city scape thinking "so this is the modern world"

In this episode, the gang reacts to their experiences with gameplay two days after the December 6th release.

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4 thoughts on “Ep. 77: Version 0.50.02”

  1. Dwarf Fortress was known to some degree in the mainstream gaming community 10+ years ago at least. I found out about it in PC Gamer back then. That and anyone who knows what a Rogue-like is has I suspect heard of DF and that’s a genre that has gained in popularity the last 10 years.

    1. Very true indeed. I guess since it had such a rep (undeserved) as a game for masochists, I thought of it as under the radar… buy you’re correct. And speaking of roguelikes, I first fell in love with Toady One on an interview he did on Roguelike Radio — that’s a podcast I wish would become active again!

  2. Hey I wanted to add a little bit to things that I miss in the current version, which you did not mention in the podcast and which I hope will be added back to the game, of course overall I’m super happy with the steam version.

    1. the report screen is gone right now, you can only look at combat logs and other events through the icons on the left side of the screen but as soon as you right click dismiss them they are gone and cannot be accessed by any means right now.

    2. I wish there still was a setting to enable the grid based cursor again which can be moved by keyboard strokes. Back then after a fight when all of the surface was scattered with forbidden arrows from the fight you would go to one of the corners of the layer and mark all the items in the layer to be allowed again with only a few keystrokes (quickly moving the grid cursor using shift) . now with the mouse you have to drag a big box over the layer and maybe zoom out for that to see the whole layer.
    Also keystroke recording like in the old version does not seem to work since there is now grid cursor.

    3. the one tick increment with the dot button was really useful to watch fights happen. let a few frames happen, read log, repeat…

    4. something very annoying is the searchbar in some of the menus. for example if you want to forge a copper table, you can only search in the current sublevel so first level says “forge copper furniture”, and typing in copper table will not result anything, he should really implemente fuzzy search and recursive sub level search to smooth the experience. also when clicking to get to the selection what to craft/forge you first have to click in to the search bar and when you forget and start to type, another menu with that keystroke opens.

    1. Yeah, there are indeed quite a few things that need to be added back in – I expect Tarn will get to most of them sooner than later.

      For item 1, Clinodev put in thier pastebin a script by LocoRojo that you can paste into the DF home directory and have it pause for more events — I’m not sure that it helps yet with the extended log though. If you want to give it a try here’s the link: https://pastebin.com/WA5XxLfG

      For item 2, there is a setting that lets you turn on cursor navigation when setting designations like digging and tree-chopping. It takes us part of the way back to the way it was… It’s in Settings, then select the “Game” tab, and about 14 items down the list is “Keyboard Cursor Enabled”. It’s set to false by default – set it to true and see if you like it better.

      Item 3 (you probably know this by now) in 50.04, Tarn re-enabled the period to move 1 frame at a time… With the reduced log it’s a bit less helpful than it was in classic, but it’s a start.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave such a detailed comment!

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