Ep. 91: Spookyfort and Adventure with Delphonso

Delphonso joins us this episode, and we discuss Spookyfort IV: the Overlook and the announcement of the Adventure Mode roadmap.

Joining us this episode is Delphonso, administrator of Spookyfort on the Bay 12 Forums, and one of the organizers of the archive activity earlier this summer brought about by the Imagr fiasco.

Links to forts mentioned in the episode:

Also, the voxelizer website can be found here

One thought on “Ep. 91: Spookyfort and Adventure with Delphonso”

  1. Emulated DF on a mac works using wineskin. I have a 50.10 running like a champ but I am on an aging intel mac so that may be something. I used the latest wineskin wrapper release that wasn’t metal.

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