Ep. 101: Still Dwarfy After All These Years

FYI: Spoiler Ends At 45:30

4 thoughts on “Ep. 101: Still Dwarfy After All These Years”

  1. A bit of circus discussion, so… spoilers:

    It’s *very* old, and I don’t know if the circus have received a direct or indirect buffs in the intervening decade (probably, in which case perhaps not quite what the questioner was asking for), but back in 2011 I was part of a succession fortress that established a colony in the circus.

    Took well less than 500 years. The breach happened in post 6 of noodle0117’s second turn (year 10).
    A bunker was set up the following year. My first year (year 15) established (to my knowledge) the first recorded farm in the circus (though the links to the screenshots are now dead and gone).

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