Ep. 93: RAW Pickles and Eggplant plant plant with Tekkud

Fun With Plants, and !FUN! with weremoose!

Tekkud joins us for a fairly deep dive into RAW editing. Plus, Jonathan loses ANOTHER fortress to werebeasts.

Here’s a link to download ZDaemon, and the name of my server (look for it on Doomseeker – installed with ZDaemon) is Johans Dwarfy Doom, and the password to enter is “urist”.

Note that they warn not to install to Program Files or Program Files (x86). Join the Discord Server if you’d like to play before December 10th – I intend to do some trial runs, and I’ll post my intended schedule on Discord in the landing-area as early as possible. But ping me and I’ll play anytime I’m available

Right now, the plan is to start playing on December 10th around 5PM Central Standard Time (US) and play until around 1AM CST, but I can look to start earlier than that if it’s better for other folks.

Ep. 84: Memes and Stuff With Twisted Logic Gaming

We are joined this episode by Twisted Logic Gaming, and a good time was had by all!

We originally planned to talk about megaprojects this episode, but we’ll have to do that next time since we had such a good time going off topic. Hope you enjoy!

Note: The mid-rolls were generated by Chat GPT based on information about my new fortress and me prompting it to rephrase that info in Tolkien style. For example:

rephrase in epic tolkien style:

Urist Quakeprestige is Militia Commander of Newtower. He is an adequate Macedwarf who feels that “You can always rely on your family withen everything else falls away”. Urist disdains self control, is frail, and quick to despair.

Urist is close friends with chief medical dwarf Mebzuth Budsabre – a hateful quarreler who values power. Mebsuth is a competent diagnostician, and an adequate surgeon, bone doctor and suturer. Mebsuth declares “I am well”.

Mebsuth’s friend Minkot Fencedfountain is patient, resilient, and has good focus. These traits make her an ideal fortress manager, which she will surely accomplish while also being the fortresses most competent cook. “An artisan, their materials and the tools to shape them” exclaims the 70 year old manager dwarf.

These seven dwarves are renowned as the elders of Newtower of Showing. Praise them with great praise.

Ep. 80: Veteran Players and Version 50 – With Tekkud and Blind

BlindIRL and Tekkud join us this episode to talk about long-time players and the new version.

This episode both Blind and Tekkud join us to discuss adjustments that long-time players may need to make with the new version.

Ep. 73: Advanced World Generation With Tekkud

Hey everybody – Tekkud joins us for a romp around the Advanced World Generation interface, along with discussion of some of his tutorial videos.

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Ep. 65: In Which User Comments and Questions Are Investigated

Special Thanks to Tekkud for the Dwarf-O’s spot! And keep those emails coming!


Ep. 63: In Which Tekkud Joins The Gang To Discuss Bloodline Forts

Thanks so much to Nathan for stopping in to talk about the Singemetal bloodline fortress (among other great stuff).