Ep. 70: Progress Bars, Mouse Control, and the Fall of Hatchetromances

This episode, we discuss the tragic end of Hatchetromances, and spend some time talking about the June Future of the Fortress post.

Future of the Fortress for June

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Ep. 69: The Life and Times of Tira Equaataria

Welcome to our experimental podcast of us recording a gaming session of Adventurer Mode. Let us know if it translates at all to audio!

Thanks so much to Tekkud for depicting your humble podcast hosts… it’s up to you to decide which of us is the one with red eyes :).

Ep. 67: In Which Foes Are Discussed

This episode was meant to continue our “What is Dwarf Fortress” conversation and ended up drifting quite a bit. But we had fun anyway!

Ep. 66: In Which The Gang Asks, “What IS Dwarf Fortress, Anyway?”

This episode, we take a step back and consider how we’d describe Dwarf Fortress to someone who hasn’t played before. We also get off track and talk about dogs as mayors.

Mayor Max

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Ep. 65: In Which User Comments and Questions Are Investigated

Special Thanks to Tekkud for the Dwarf-O’s spot! And keep those emails coming!


Ep 64: In Which We Find Roadmap Navigation and Baron Talk

We are back to talk a bit more about the roadmap release and barons in the fortress.

DF Roundtable Extra: Roadmap Released!

This is a short non-episode to quickly chat about the exciting new roadmap.

In it we also namecheck Ultima Ratio Regum and Roguelike Radio

EXTRA! 2/20/22 recording session postponed for a week. Details on page 11.

Because of coincidental issues with each of our hosts – each less concerning than an elf attack but just as annoying – we’ll be postponing today’s recording session until next Sunday, February 27. That’ll probably push episode 64 out a week later than scheduled – to March 6th.

In the meantime, If you’re jonesing for DFRoundtable, may I recommend that you go back and mark episodes 20 and 21 “unplayed” for some Toady One and ThreeToe goodness. Or if you’ve not checked it out, you just have to listen to the entire podcast of Dwarf Fortress Talk.

Ep.20:In Which The Adams Brothers Join Us to Talk About Some Game They Are Making – Dwarf Fortress Roundtable (dfroundtable.com)

Dwarf Fortress Talk | Podcastindex.org

Ep. 63: In Which Tekkud Joins The Gang To Discuss Bloodline Forts

Thanks so much to Nathan for stopping in to talk about the Singemetal bloodline fortress (among other great stuff).