Ep.15: In Which The Gang Discusses Lektadbomrek – Luredwhips

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3 thoughts on “Ep.15: In Which The Gang Discusses Lektadbomrek – Luredwhips”

  1. Thanks for the shout out! The euthanasia of Elves was my favorite part of this episode. Do you plan on going on a purge war in the future to purity the land? That would be interesting. Maybe build up the military and go on some expeditions. Since one of you suggested looking through Legends, I have one request: Can you look up and mention any interesting King/Queen or random character in your world’s history? There are times when Legends mode is even more interesting than dwarf mode and I can stay months just looking through entries at times lol

  2. Yes, you need a longer history, or to go around adventuring and talking to people (to make them hist figs). The world doesnt magically create visitors for you it only takes from the historical figure population. Which means almost all your visitors will have some kind of history in legends mode.

    The world persists as you play, so yes, you should get more eventually as the world is simulated as you play. But check Legends to see what the actual population of your neighboring civs is. Also, Only a fraction of historical figures will take on jobs which enable visiting (bard, merc, bandit, scholar of various disciplines). And if they’re at war, the population will be even lower.

    Honestly your better off letting the population grow in worldgen if you want visitors. The world won’t magically spawn them in for you, it needs population pools.

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