Ep. 51: In Which Stockpiles Are Analyzed

This episode we’re talking a lot about how we deal with stockpiles and getting resources to our workshops.

Featured Image is “Warehouse at Hackeberga Castle” by Mackmyra Svensk Whisky AB is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

2 thoughts on “Ep. 51: In Which Stockpiles Are Analyzed”

  1. I loved your discussion about stock piles. I believe quantum stockpiles were missed out on as well as the minecart aided stockpiles. I like to make a big input stockpile at the top of my fortress, sort, and minecart goods down to where they need to go. Also to keep refuse and corpses out of the way, I’ll make a small minecart loop so that my dwarfs don’t walk into miasma. Saves space and FPS, but does require more hauling jobs. When using quantum stockpiles, care must be made to reduce the number of hauling jobs with either the number of squares available for input stockpiles or utilizing wheelbarrows.

    Autolabor-wise. I find it pretty much worthless. You only really need ~30 or less specialist dwarfs to keep a fort running. The rest of your dwarfs can be assigned to all unskilled labor jobs where the output doesn’t have a quality like Architecture or Pump Operating.

    1. You’re right – quantum stockpiles slipped our collective mind. I personally don’t use them because it takes away from my ability to suspend disbelief. If I’m using it as a garbage dump it doesn’t’ bother me.

      In any case, we’ll follow up with that. Thanks for contributing!

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