EXTRA! 2/20/22 recording session postponed for a week. Details on page 11.

Because of coincidental issues with each of our hosts – each less concerning than an elf attack but just as annoying – we’ll be postponing today’s recording session until next Sunday, February 27. That’ll probably push episode 64 out a week later than scheduled – to March 6th.

In the meantime, If you’re jonesing for DFRoundtable, may I recommend that you go back and mark episodes 20 and 21 “unplayed” for some Toady One and ThreeToe goodness. Or if you’ve not checked it out, you just have to listen to the entire podcast of Dwarf Fortress Talk.

Ep.20:In Which The Adams Brothers Join Us to Talk About Some Game They Are Making – Dwarf Fortress Roundtable (dfroundtable.com)

Dwarf Fortress Talk | Podcastindex.org

Ep. 63: In Which Tekkud Joins The Gang To Discuss Bloodline Forts

Thanks so much to Nathan for stopping in to talk about the Singemetal bloodline fortress (among other great stuff).

Ep. 62: In Which A Wren Woman Betrays Singemetal

And we’re back! Season 4 kicks off with the gang catching up and discussing their various over-the-break activity.

Ep. 61: In Which Season 3 Is Wrapped

Everyone have a safe and joyous year end. We’ll catch you in a couple months!


Ep. 60: In Which FPS Death Is Averted and Mixed Squads Are Judged

Hey there folks another beautiful autumn day in the world of Dwarf Fortress. hope you enjoy the banter.

Delay in Episode 60 release: Electrofire!

This is what it looks like about 5 minutes after a substation explodes and causes a blackout. The picture does the event no justice – the color of the fire reminded me of an artifact made from cobaltite. This is one of the several reasons that episode 60 of Dwarf Fortress Roundtable will be delayed for a week, but I guess that’s the way it goes! Have a good week and unless more stuff goes haywire, we’ll get the episode to you next weekend!

Ep. 59: In Which Listener Questions Are Pondered

Today’s episode catches up with several listener questions we’ve received. We’ll probably be having a “part two” next episode.

Ep. 58: Tales of Palacegulf and Pickhour (Dragon Attack)

In what is probably our most conversational episode yet, we talk a lot about fortresses that Tony and Jonathan are currently running.

Not many real links here — though we do mention Paranoid Metroid and Kruggsmash YouTube channels.

Also, the featured image is an example of a dragon, as depicted by TSR Games’ Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual (1978)

Ep. 57: In Which Complaints Are Lodged Against the Undead

We are all over the place this episode, but a recurring theme seems to be undead attacks .