Ep.20:In Which The Adams Brothers Join Us to Talk About Some Game They Are Making

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Ep.19: In Which Alexei Returns to Talk Dog Biscuits, Soap Slides, and !FUN! Much Nonsense and Mirth

Note: Alexei later found that dwarven babies are born with a preferred god.

Ep.17: In Which the Gang Speaks of Military Matters In Luridwhips

Ep.16: In Which Meph Joins the Gang to Talk Modding and Tilesets

Ep.15: In Which The Gang Discusses Lektadbomrek – Luredwhips

Ep.13: In Which Alexei Convinces Jonathan That Dwarf Fortress Is A Roguelike

Ep.12: In Which Gentle Rolling Evil Leads To Casino Fortresses and Chickens Fighting Bobcats

In which Gladiators, Bloodlines, Fine Dressmaking, and Petting Pets are Considered – XI

In which Ross Returns to Discuss the Physics of Kea and the Metaphorical Implications of Dwarf Fortress Species – X